Getting Started

An API token is required for the system to process getcid requests. After the user registers, an API token is automatically generated and sent to the user via email. The API token must be sent with each request. If the API token is not sent or is expired, there will be an error. Please make sure to keep your API token secret to prevent abuse.


To authenticate with the getcid API system, you need to send your API token with each request

- With each api token, there will be a number of uses corresponding to the number of times you have registered. No expiration date. When the api token is used up, it won't be able to make the getcid api request, you need to renew it or register a new api token
- For you to test the api, we give you the api token with 5 free requests

- IP Max Request Per Interval: 5
- Maximum Concurrent Requests: 5

Register for the API GETCID

Getcid token api verification
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